Singapore Private Condominium – What You Ought To Know

Singapore Condominium usually called as condo is a multifarious project in which the individual units are sold. Purchasing a private Waterbay condo signifies possessing the area within that specific unit. But you will be sharing the other common properties’ ownership like elevators, club house, tennis courts, gym swimming pool and the other combined amenities with the other condo owners.

singapore private condominium what you ought to know

Miscellaneous residential units

Nowadays, several individuals are adhering to the condominium method of purchasing a property. Diverse individuals have diverse taste and also their financial status and buying capabilities differ. Keeping these aspects in mind, the leading developers have developed condos in various types and shapes. One can get single, double, triple, four and five bedroom condos meant for the middle class, upper middle class and the upper class people. The single and double condo are budgetary apartment and are suitable for the middle income group, while the three, four bedroom are suitable for the upper middle class. The five bedroom and terrace condos are premium or executive residential accommodation they are priced on higher side. These high end condos available from the 6th floor. The unique aspect of these premium condos are you will be getting unblocked views of Singapore which would be exciting and refreshing activity and help you to start your day on a optimistic note.

Project specifications

The above mentioned budgetary and executive private condominiums are available in reasonable prices at the Upper Serangoon residential projects. These projects are located to the well known Punggol park, and spread on an area of more than 290, 000 sq.ft. This Waterfront project comes with more than 1150 residential apartments as well as strata terrace and strata semi-detached units.

Significant advantage

A noteworthy benefit you will be getting is you will very close to mother nature. Amid the dense greenery, you still have the convenience of residing in Waterbay condos that is cradled by mother nature. These residential project strategically located an can be reached from the main thoroughfares of Singapore. They are properly linked with main arterial roads that connects to the KPE (Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway)

Being knowledgeable in the above mentioned facts will help you to purchase your ideal Waterbay condo and thus lead happy and peaceful life.

The Hype at Sims Urban Oasis

Singapore is among the nations, that’s leading the world towards cities that are smart. A city that is smart will not mean cities with hefty technology innovative attributes, but cities which are designed with conveniences which are nicely ordered and well handled. A city becomes intelligent, by endeavors that are smart, and clever building. One such job that is smart is coming in Singapore, called as Urban Oasis at Sims drive. This job continues to be creating lots of hype before it really is not even incomplete.

the hype at sims urban oasis

The work is going exceptionally well, as well as the job is on schedule. This project’s features are what’re creating hoopla about it. The hoopla as well as the buzz got improved when interest was asked by the developers because of this job from future residents. Guocoland, among the elite and incredibly well-known developers of Singapore is developing this outstanding job that is world class.

This sims drive condominium can be found at such a place that it’s quite close to two important stations that can connect town and it. Also, it’s also quite close to industrial heart, shopping malls, and recreational centres, thereby giving all required conveniences to the home.

All these three towers are going to have about 25 floors. The approximate number of units will likely be about 900-1100. There is going to be mix of units with a good mix of different bedroom types. The units is going to essentially face just in two main sides. The characteristics, due to its own place will have manner that is unblocked.

Sims urban oasis is anticipated to be completed by 2018. Yet, folks who are thinking about booking a home or unit can use making use of their interest now. The undertaking has been developed by Guocoland, among the world class and premier developers.

Comfort living at Northpark Condo

Besides all of the conveniences being there, it provides tremendous comfort and ensure that they have an excellent standard of living without paying a very high sum, or compromising on anything.

comfort living northpark condo

Not a single individual is only in charge of the performance of the condominiums that are excellent. This had not been a one day job, preparation that is lots of, lot of attempts all were put in in order to provide contour to a lot of people’s dream lodgings. Joining myriad government agencies executed the strategies and therefore, now it could be seen the strategy has been carried on superbly. North park Residence will turn the fantasies into reality for everyone that have had this instinct of having a house that is perfect.

Among the most important reason for this is, that a pool of hobbyists has not built it. Another reason is, the residents are given enormous range of facilities which they revel in to enrich their stay and can avail, and allow it to be long and pleasurable.

You’re not only being supplied with a number of the best and great rates about, but, additionally you may have a chance of having a good occupation, as there are multiple employment centres about, this may let you get a job close to your house that will be an excellent thing as you are not going to have to pay lots of time traveling to work.

Great Tips On The Best Way On How To Sell Land In Singapore

Selling land is more complicated than selling a property with a building. Many buyers in an improved land will investigate first of what they can do with the land and its worth. Generally, the buyer of a certain vacant land, without any building or improvement in it will offer lower rates to compare to improved property. Selling land is about finding or targeting people who can afford vacant lots and whose dream is to build their own property. Selling a land may require unique strategies. Here are tips on how you can sell your land in Singapore:

Great Tips On The Best Way On How To Sell Land In Singapore
  1. If you don’t have market knowledge of your land, you may hire an appraiser to determine its value. Knowing its worth can help you decide the best use for the land, and you will also be able to provide the information to the right person or buyer.
  2. Put a big signage where it is visible to everyone and include the contact details such as name and number.
  3. Contact the owners of the surrounding area to determine if they want to buy your land because sometimes they will want to increase the size of their holdings.
  4. If your land is located where the houses are being developed, home builders are likely your buyers; and if your land is covered with timber, logging companies can be your best buyer.
  5. Offer owner financing. Usually, financing a plan is hard but if you can agree to take back a mortgage for the buyer, the number of purchasers will expand. But be sure to have legal documents because there will be possibilities that the buyer won’t be able to pay and will be subject to default.
  6. Speculative investors usually buy about anything as long as it’s cheap. This kind of investor will close the deal quickly but will frequently offer you a low price for your land.
Great Tips On The Best Way On How To Sell Land In Singapore

It is best to sell your land by you wherein you do not need an agent to pay commissions and also you can avoid competing with other land listings. Selling the land by yourself requires extra effort and research on your part.

A Glimpse On the Land Rights Of Singapore

If you own a land in Singapore, you should be aware of the different land rights that you have. This is very important to both citizens and foreigners who own any type of property in this country. It serves as a protection as well as a guide to anyone who would like to purchase land in the future. Below is a general idea of the different land rights in Singapore:

A Glimpse On the Land Rights Of Singapore
  • The land acquisition act or LAA is a vital legislation because it enables the procurement of private land that is compulsory to support a lot of major infrastructure projects such as road and rail. If you own a land that is acquired, under the LAA it is considered as paid market value compensation. You can appeal to the appeal’s board for land acquisition if you are not satisfied with the statutory compensation.
  • The residential property act or RPA balances between making sure that the landed house in Singapore that has limited supply will remain the citizen’s preserve while it allows selected foreigners that have great contributions to the economy of Singapore to also own landed houses, this is to attract and retail talent. If you are a foreigner who would like to buy landed houses, you have to submit an application to the land dealings approval unit located at the Singapore Land Authority or SLA.
  • The land titles (strata) act governs the procedures in completing an en bloc sale. The private strata development sale an en bloc sale, or facilities redevelopment, and collective sale support urban rejuvenation.
  • Commercial leases for retail and office premises generally have 3-5 years with the same length of renewal right.
  • Residential leases usually have 1-3 years terms.
  • In the market place, leases are commonly short term since less than 7 years leases duration are not obligated to be registered on the title.
  • Foreigners can buy condominiums and are not allowed to own apartments in buildings that are less than 6 storeys or detached homes. One may apply an exception to this rule in the Minister of Law. This is usually granted to people who have special circumstances such as a foreign-owned corporation who would like to buy housing for their executives that are Singapore-based.
A Glimpse On the Land Rights Of Singapore

This is a general idea on the land rights in Singapore that you can take note. If you want more detailed information, you can always talk to legal counsels in Singapore, especially if you have plans in purchasing a land. It is best for you to know them first before closing any deal so that you’ll know what you should have as a land owner.

Types Of Land For Sale In The Directory Of Singapore

If you’re looking out for a land for sale, it is best to use a directory in Singapore. You can simply browse one over the web if you search for it. It is a compilation of the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of Singapore companies as well as foreign-owned companies. They offer a useful reference book about land for sale directory. The types of land that are for sale as seen in the directories are as follows:

Types Of Land For Sale In The Directory Of Singapore
  • Apartment or condo – it is a specified part of a piece of real estate which is usually an apartment house that is individually owned, while the use of and access of common facilities such as hallways, elevators, exterior areas, heating system are performed under legal rights with the individual ownership and well-ordered by the association of the owners that jointly represent ownership of the whole piece.
  • Landed house – this refers to a property which the owner generates income without having the owner to do actual work of the estate. It generates income in the form of rent or fees for the services provided by the facilities of the land such as port facilities.
  • HDB apartment – generally the Housing and Development Board of Singapore is responsible for public housing projects where almost all of its people are living in this type of roof. There are several types of this kind of apartment. It may come with 3-5 flats or executive type.
  • Terraced house – it is a block of row houses that are connected by shared walls and built in a similar style or in an identical manner.
  • Detached house – a residence that functions as living quarters for one or more families and for some jurisdiction it allows basement suites without changing its description as detached or single house.
  • Semi-detached house – it has one house attached in it sharing the same wall in such a way that each house’s layout is a mirror image or other term is twin.
  • Corner terrace – a landed house at the end of the row of terrace houses typically has a greater land area compared to other terrace houses.
  • Bungalow house – it is a one-storey house, cabin or cottage. Generally, they are small in area footage and initially intended to provide affordable and modern housing for a working class. Some bungalows have basements and another has additional levels such as lofts and half levels.
  • Good class bungalow – this type of land is owned by select group of wealthy people. There are about 2,500 of this type of bungalow. It needs to have a plot size of at least 1,400 square meter and should be located in the areas zoned as good class bungalow.
  • Shop house – this type of house or land is commonly seen in suburban setting and mostly 2 or 3 stories high, with a shop on the ground floor for mercantile activity and a residence above the shop.
  • Town house – it is a type of medium-density housing in cities. It may also be a tall narrow traditional terraced house, generally having three or more floors.
  • Conservation house – conserved buildings are selected by Urban Redevelopment Authority based on historical and architectural worth. Building types, styles and contribution are rare to the overall development.
Types Of Land For Sale In The Directory Of Singapore

These are the common land list that you can find in the sale directory of Singapore.

Important Details About The Industrial Land For Sale In Singapore

Are you planning to buy an industrial land in Singapore? Industrial land for sale here is the land that is zoned under industrial. It is usually sold by the government of Singapore through GLS or Government Land Sales programme. Such lands for sale are prepared for custom-built facilities that will be on 30 or 60 years lease. Here are other facts that you will want to know:

Important Details About The Industrial Land For Sale In Singapore
  • Business 1 (B1) – are areas used or proposed to be used for warehouse, industry, telecommunication, and utilities wherein the relevant authority such as NEA will not enforce a nuisance buffer that is more than 50 meters.
  • Business 2 (B2) – are areas used or proposed to be used for warehouse, industry, telecommunication, and utilities wherein the uses of business will be imposed with nuisance buffer that is more than 50 meters and within the safety and health buffers. Industries that are considered to be special such as manufacture of industrial machinery, repairing and shipbuilding may be allowed in some areas but will still be subject for evaluation that is to be done by the competent authority.
  • Foreigners in Singapore are allowed to own industrial land but shop houses that are not strata subdivided and are erected or on lands that are zoned residential are restricted properties, and foreigners will not be allowed to buy without getting any approval from the government.
  • Even if HDB houses are built by the Housing Development Board (HDB), there will be no restriction to foreigners that are above 21 years old and who are not undercharged with bankruptcy except for those that are zoned residential.
  • The business park island is set aside for non-pollutive businesses and industries that are engaged in high technology, high value added and knowledge intensive activities, and research and development. Science parks and business parks are developments that are under this zoning.
Important Details About The Industrial Land For Sale In Singapore

You will want to talk to a real estate service provider in Singapore to get more in-depth details. You get can advices and assistance with your industrial land needs as well as integrated and creative solutions.

What You Can Find In Commercial Property Guru In Singapore

The commercial property guru in Singapore is known to be an expert that you can simply search over the Internet. This website contains helpful information that you can use whenever you have real estate needs. Below is a list of what you can find in the website itself:

What You Can Find In Commercial Property Guru In Singapore
  • Find property tab – under this tab, you can find properties for sale, rent, new properties, overseas properties, levied office, and auctions. Once you choose your option, you will be redirected to another site; it will show you a listing of properties that are for sale, that contains important details such as the name of the property, address, the person marketing the said property as well as his or her contact number, the price, and the size of the area. You also have the option to view the complete details and to contact the sales right away if ever you get interested to buy the property.
  • Office tab – here, you can search for an office space that is for sale or for rent. You’ll just have to choose the property type, location, price, and size. Once you click search, you will be given a list of options that you can choose from. They also have a list of top office buildings and the latest offices that are for sale and for rent. Details such as the price, size, address and contact number of the agent are also given.
  • Retail tab – you can look for retail spaces that are for rent and for sale. It also contains a list of the top retail buildings and retail spaces that are for rent and for sale with the important details such as the name of the space, price, size, address, and contact number of the agent.
  • Industrial tab – looking for industrial spaces has never been this easy. You can also get a full view of the spaces that are for sale and for rent, which includes the name, price, address, and agent’s contact number.
  • Building directory tab – you can browse commercial buildings in Singapore alphabetically or by district.
  • Ask guru tab – you can ask questions here with any real estate concerns that you have and you’ll be getting answers or comments from agents as well as active users of the websites. But before you can do so, you will need to sign up, which is actually free for you to enjoy the different features of commercial guru Singapore.
  • Find agent tab – you can browse the agent’s first name here alphabetically. You can view the agent’s profile position, company that he or she is working for, and the contact number.
  • Market news tab – you can read updated commercial property market news if you want to know what’s happening in Singapore.
  • Services tab – it is a commercial services directory. If you need assistance in renovate and furnish, finance and legal, maintenance and servicing, and move and store.
  • Resources tab – you can find Singapore commercial property guides and helpful information resources that you can use in your search process for commercial property.
What You Can Find In Commercial Property Guru In Singapore

Now you have a general idea on what commercial property guru Singapore is all about.

A Short Discussion On the Land Tax Of Singapore

Every year we pay taxes to the government, which is mandatory. Whether it comes from our work, income from our land or anything we possess that can be taxable, we are required to pay tax. It may vary depending on what is the source of your income and how much is your income for that year. On the other hand, land tax is imposed under the Property Tax Act and it is payable in advance each year. The tax is computed by applying the appropriate tax rate to the annual value of the property. The annual value is the estimated annual rent of the property in case the property is rented-out.

The normal property tax rate for commercial, industrial and let-out residential properties is 10%. These include HDB flats, offices, factories, houses, shops and land. Singaporean government announced the move to a new progressive property tax for owner-occupied residential properties. You will be eligible for concessionary owner-occupier tax rate if your property tax rate is low and if you occupy your house personally. The owner-occupier tax rate based on the annual value of your property is as follows:

  • Annual value for first $6,000 – its progressive tax rate is 0%.
  • Next $59,000 – its progressive tax rate is 4%.
  • Amount exceeding to $65,000 – its progressive tax rate is 6%.
A Short Discussion On the Land Tax Of Singapore

Non-residential buildings or property will continue to be taxed at 10%. There is exclusion of residential tax depending on how the property is intended for. According to Section 6 of Property Tax Act, that all buildings or part of buildings used exclusively for the following purposes shall be exempted from property tax:

  • For place of public religious worship.
  • For public schools.
  • For charitable purposes.
  • For purposes conducive for social development in Singapore.

Property tax exemption may be approved for the land under construction and development stage of the above buildings.

Determining Cheap Land And Housing For Sale

You might think that everything in Singapore is expensive but you can still actually find cheap lands or properties for sale on such a progressive country. Singapore’s homeownership rate is among the highest in the world wherein homelessness is almost unheard in the city-state. This only shows that property in Singapore is still affordable inspite of being an advanced state. Most of the Singaporean citizens live in public housing environment wherein 82% of its population of all income levels live here.

HDB is responsible in providing affordable housing and land development based on the current and future needs of its citizens; wherein they see to it that they are creating a vibrant, sustainable and affordable land or towns and ensuring active and organized communities. Affordability is guaranteed through a set of modalities, including the providing of different units or land and giving emphasis to ownership as contrasting to rental.

Below are tips on how to determine whether the value of land or unit is cheap or not. Using the standard appraisal estimation value gives us some clues:

Determining Cheap Land And Housing For Sale
  • Site size and shape – represented by width, depth and frontage.
  • Plottage – has assembly and combining of plots that has been accomplished.
  • How much land is excess – excess has less value of what is required.
  • Topography – land’s contour, view, soil, grading, natural drainage and usefulness.
  • Utilities – drinking water, sewers, natural gas, electric, phone, etc.
  • Accessibility – location, streets, parking, alleys, connecting roads and highways.
  • Environment – climate, air quality, adequate water supply, lakes, oceans and absence of hazardous materials.
  • Site improvements – landscaping, gutters, fences, walks, drives and irrigation.
  • Corner influence – equals visibility for commercial or privacy for residential.

If you have decided to buy land in a progressive state such as Singapore, always purchase a land or unit that is closely located to amenities in an area that is well known, but be sure that it’s not that expensive and it’s worth buying for.