What You Can Find In Commercial Property Guru In Singapore

By | May 7, 2011

The commercial property guru in Singapore is known to be an expert that you can simply search over the Internet. This website contains helpful information that you can use whenever you have real estate needs. Below is a list of what you can find in the website itself:

What You Can Find In Commercial Property Guru In Singapore
  • Find property tab – under this tab, you can find properties for sale, rent, new properties, overseas properties, levied office, and auctions. Once you choose your option, you will be redirected to another site; it will show you a listing of properties that are for sale, that contains important details such as the name of the property, address, the person marketing the said property as well as his or her contact number, the price, and the size of the area. You also have the option to view the complete details and to contact the sales right away if ever you get interested to buy the property.
  • Office tab – here, you can search for an office space that is for sale or for rent. You’ll just have to choose the property type, location, price, and size. Once you click search, you will be given a list of options that you can choose from. They also have a list of top office buildings and the latest offices that are for sale and for rent. Details such as the price, size, address and contact number of the agent are also given.
  • Retail tab – you can look for retail spaces that are for rent and for sale. It also contains a list of the top retail buildings and retail spaces that are for rent and for sale with the important details such as the name of the space, price, size, address, and contact number of the agent.
  • Industrial tab – looking for industrial spaces has never been this easy. You can also get a full view of the spaces that are for sale and for rent, which includes the name, price, address, and agent’s contact number.
  • Building directory tab – you can browse commercial buildings in Singapore alphabetically or by district.
  • Ask guru tab – you can ask questions here with any real estate concerns that you have and you’ll be getting answers or comments from agents as well as active users of the websites. But before you can do so, you will need to sign up, which is actually free for you to enjoy the different features of commercial guru Singapore.
  • Find agent tab – you can browse the agent’s first name here alphabetically. You can view the agent’s profile position, company that he or she is working for, and the contact number.
  • Market news tab – you can read updated commercial property market news if you want to know what’s happening in Singapore.
  • Services tab – it is a commercial services directory. If you need assistance in renovate and furnish, finance and legal, maintenance and servicing, and move and store.
  • Resources tab – you can find Singapore commercial property guides and helpful information resources that you can use in your search process for commercial property.
What You Can Find In Commercial Property Guru In Singapore

Now you have a general idea on what commercial property guru Singapore is all about.