Singapore Private Condominium – What You Ought To Know

By | January 4, 2015

Singapore Condominium usually called as condo is a multifarious project in which the individual units are sold. Purchasing a private Waterbay condo signifies possessing the area within that specific unit. But you will be sharing the other common properties’ ownership like elevators, club house, tennis courts, gym swimming pool and the other combined amenities with the other condo owners.

singapore private condominium what you ought to know

Miscellaneous residential units

Nowadays, several individuals are adhering to the condominium method of purchasing a property. Diverse individuals have diverse taste and also their financial status and buying capabilities differ. Keeping these aspects in mind, the leading developers have developed condos in various types and shapes. One can get single, double, triple, four and five bedroom condos meant for the middle class, upper middle class and the upper class people. The single and double condo are budgetary apartment and are suitable for the middle income group, while the three, four bedroom are suitable for the upper middle class. The five bedroom and terrace condos are premium or executive residential accommodation they are priced on higher side. These high end condos available from the 6th floor. The unique aspect of these premium condos are you will be getting unblocked views of Singapore which would be exciting and refreshing activity and help you to start your day on a optimistic note.

Project specifications

The above mentioned budgetary and executive private condominiums are available in reasonable prices at the Upper Serangoon residential projects. These projects are located to the well known Punggol park, and spread on an area of more than 290, 000 sq.ft. This Waterfront project comes with more than 1150 residential apartments as well as strata terrace and strata semi-detached units.

Significant advantage

A noteworthy benefit you will be getting is you will very close to mother nature. Amid the dense greenery, you still have the convenience of residing in Waterbay condos that is cradled by mother nature. These residential project strategically located an can be reached from the main thoroughfares of Singapore. They are properly linked with main arterial roads that connects to the KPE (Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway)

Being knowledgeable in the above mentioned facts will help you to purchase your ideal Waterbay condo and thus lead happy and peaceful life.